Current Projects of the
Friends of St John the Baptist Church

Following numerous consultations between the Church Warden, the Parochial Church Council and Cleague Architects a final plan has been approved for upgrading the church toilet. When completed the toilet will accessed from within the church and will meet all current regulations and requirements. We are very grateful to our members and the public contributions that have made this project possible and we are informed that work will commence later this year.

The following plans show the position of the toilet, click on the images to enlarge

Plan of the toilet as existing in June 2017
click to enlarge

Internal Toilet as existing 2017

Plan of demolition and excavation
as proposed in April 2017. Click to enlarge

Internal Toilet Plans

Plan of the completed internal toilet
as proposed in April 2017. Click to enlarge

Architects Impression of the external view of the
toilet as proposed in April 2017.
Click the image to enlarge

Internal Toilet Artist Impression